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For your last homework assignment, you need to calculate your 'carbon footprint' during the Thanksgiving break beginning from when you leave (if you are traveling somewhere) and ending when you return to campus (a total of 9 days).

The assignment involves calculating your consumption of energy from various sources (house, transportation, food, etc.) An Online Carbon Footprint Calculator is available to you as well as a CO2 to C conversion method.

The assignment includes a series of questions prompting you to enter your estimated values for each category as calculated with the Online Carbon Footprint Calculator and a short essay describing your reflections on the assignment and its result.

Write down everything! When you use the Online Carbon Footprint calculator, write down all the calculations it estimates for you! When you do the CO2->C conversion, you will need to know your total CO2 emissions estimated by the online Carbon Footprint calculator. Later you will be asked to enter your data and calculations and having them written down will be a lot easier than going back and recalculating the same information. Doing this will make the assignment go a lot smoother.

One last and very important note: When using the Online Carbon Footprint calculator, be sure to indicate the dates of Thanksgiving Break, November 21st - November 30th.  These are dates you should record your usage.

Finding Your Utility Bill

Some of you might live in an apartment and pay utilities monthly. Still others might live in dorms and not see these expenses directly. For this assignment you are required to enter these data and find a small part of your yearly average. Be sure to write this information down or have it handy because it will be needed for the Online Carbon Footprint Calculator. Some questions may not pertain to you while using the Online Carbon Calculator. This is okay and to be expected, simply leave those questions blank.

1. If you live in the dorms, use the following Utilities Spreadsheet (Utilities 1.1) and calculate your individual usage. You will ONLY have an electric bill. Be sure to reflect this when using the Online Carbon Calculator. A monthly average has been calculated for each of the dormitories on campus as well as their individual residential population. When using the Online Carbon Calculator, be sure to enter "1" for your household. Entering "1" is important because you are calculating your share of the bill. So, you will need to take the dorm bill and divide it by the number of its residents.

2. If you live in an apartment, use your monthly utility bill(s). The following Utilities Spreadsheet (Utilities 1.1) will not pertain to you.

3. If you do not have access to any of this information and/or it does not pertain to you, use your parents utility bill. If this is not possible, you are welcome to select your favorite dorm from the following Utilities Spreadsheet (Utilities 1.1).

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