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Footprint Reduction Questions

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Instructions:  Using 2-3 sentences, answer the following questions. You may revisit this assignment to resubmit answers until the due date, if you wish.



  1. How do you recycle newspaper, paper, cardboard, plastic, steel / aluminum cans, and/or glass?

    Recycling newspapers and steel/aluminum cans saves about 500 pounds each per year; that's almost 1000 pounds total!

  2. Have you replaced any of your 75-watt light bulbs with Energy Star 25-watt bulbs?

    Switching just one of these bulbs saves about 100 pounds a year.

  3. How could you reduce your automobile mileage?

    Reducing a 30 mpg engine 10 miles per week saves about 350 pounds a year.

  4. Which of your very old appliances do you think would be the best to replace to conserve energy?  Explain why.
  5. If you live in the dorms currently or have lived in the dorms, do you know how much is thrown away because students purchase a second meal elsewhere (eg. McDonalds)?

    On Oct 8th, 2008, the Iowa State Daily announced that the dining centers throw away approximately 491.75 pounds per meal.  If you have a meal plan, please eat it!

  6. If you live in an apartment or a house, how often do you eat out and what can you do to reduce that?

    Did you know that the average family eats out 4.2 times per week increasing their gas mileage as well the money spent on the meal. 

  7. How does your consumption during break compare to your expectations?
  8. How would you reduce your energy consumption?
  9. Would this plan be more or less cost-effective than your current approach?
  10. What are the implications of energy consumption for the world and the environment?


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